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  • Warm... Chocolate Brownies... Oh My!!
  • This Is Why Little Red Was Always Visting Grandmother!!
  • We Are Cookie Collage!!
  • Decedant Goodnes! "It's Ok To Stare"
  • Moist & Delightful, Seconds Are Mandatory!
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"The Cookie Collage team did an outstanding job on my order of cakepops.  They went above and beyond with my order and I was extremely delighted by the results.  The decorations on the cake pops were exactly what I was looking for.  The presentation and extra steps that they took was amazing.  I recommend Cookie Collage at the highest level.  Not only did they create a great product, but they were also great to work with.  They were the first to respond from multiple other inquiries I had sent out.  I would definitely do business with them again."

-Nick Yaeger